After many projects of shifting and shaping his music LeCold has finally released his self-produced, written and mixed debut album. The early stages of LeCold’s hip-hop journey all started his sophomore year when he released his first mixtape titled “Cold City”. The feedback from this mixtape inspired LeCold to focus heavily on defining his sound and building a unique style of production.



As LeCold continued to create music he began to look at the world differently, he started putting himself into the shoes of others, and curiously asked about people’s life story, goals, failed goals and plans for the future. LeCold took in all these different experiences from different walks of life, the pain, the love, the hate, the dreams and built his second mixtape called “World Emotions”.



LeCold then went on to release a joint EP with another artist/producer titled “Pop Rocks (Why Not)” which contains production by LeCold. Due to the positive feedback on LeCold’s production he then decided to release an EP on his own called “Before The Space” which also contained production by LeCold and remixes of popular songs. As LeCold released these projects he continuously asked questions, experienced life and gathered more information about the world. After processing a bunch of life stories LeCold has come to the conclusion we’re all more connected than we know.



2 EPs, 2 Mixtapes and many freestyles later LeCold has finally captured his sound with his newly released self-produced hiphop/rap album "The Lost & Forgotten". LeCold's wise lyrics, unique sound and relatable stories has captured the hearts of his listeners. As LeCold always says, “I try my best to make unselfish music, music that can help and touch the lives of others – ‘music for the people’”.



LeCold is ready to build a long lasting music career with his debut album being the foundation. His goal is to get everyone to understand they’re not alone, everyone goes through life, and life is meant to be shared with hopes to better the person listening. LeCold believes that’s the purpose of his music, to be the voice of these stories that aren’t normally shared, and connect the world.

© 2020 by LeCold

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